This blog is about all forms of wildlife I record around North Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes in particular. My main interests for 2012 will be looking for anything I've not seen before.

Monday, June 28

Saturday evening 26th June - Rushbeds Wood nr Bicester

Another evening surveying with the NBBG as part of the Bechsteins Project.
The two harp traps were erected and finally turned on an hour after civil twilight at 23:15.
Beforehand, I was praying for some mammal activity on the roads, as the journey down took nearly an hour through some fine Bucks countryside but alas nothing was seen.
Having added a Whiskered and Natterers bat to my mammal list at the last Bechsteins survey the possibility of finding a Leislers (previously recorded here) was always in the back of my mind.
We only caught 4 bats in the 1 1/2 hours of surveying, these included a male Soprano Pip, a female and male Brown Long-eared and a male Natterers. Will load some pics soon.
After packing up and getting back on the road after 01:00 the prospect of connecting with mammals on the road home was helping me keep awake. Alas an adult Badger had been killed earlier in the evening and was led across one of my returning roads. I didn't see another mammal until I got back into Milton Keynes - just 2 small Rabbits.
Natterers Bat

Brown Long-eared
Brown Long-eared

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