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Sunday, July 25

Saturday Night - Rushmere Park - Bechsteins Survey

Told you - like buses my updates !
A joint batting operation took place on Saturday evening between NBBG and the Beds Bat Group.
NBBG (North Bucks Bat Group) were surveying for Bechsteins bats using two Harp traps as part of our year long survey.
But as we were having our plan of action meeting I noticed some small butterflies - 4 in total, flitting high up in one of the oaks in the early evening - this shouted loud and clear - Purple Hairstreaks! A second year tick of the day.

Regards the bat surveys - alas weak batteries on the special lure equipment hampered our results i.e very low signals were omitted to lure the Bechsteins in. In all we encountered 1 male Natterers, and mist netted 1 male Brown long-eared. Other bats recorded via detector included - Noctules, Soprano and Common Pips and various Myotis species. Plus 64 Brown Long-eared out of a known roost ( a Bucks record ?) and (best for me) numerous flyby's of Barbastelle bats in Bucks airspace :)
Nice as it was to add Barbastelle to my bucks list a drive through bucks countryside at 01:15 in the morning was very disapointing to only record 1 Rabbit and 1 Fox.

Forgot to add I also spotted a female Glow worm near the house and heard 2 Tawny's calling from the Bucks section.

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