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Friday, September 17

Bechsteins Survey - Tonight

Tonight is the last official survey of the year for the Bechstein Bat Project. We will restart again in May and carry on into June 2010.
I'll hopefully post tonight's results tomorrow.
It's going to be cold with an overnight temperature dropping down to around 5 oC so could be a quiet night, but you never know with bats....

and what a last night it was....
2115 -
Trap 1 4 Brown Long-eared 3 males and 1 female
Trap 2 1 Natterers a female
Trap 2 1 Bechsteins bat, an adult female only, the 10th ever county record!
Trap 1 1 Natterers a female
Both traps empty
Trap 2 1 Brown Long-eared
Trap 1 1 Brown Long-eared our 9th bat and another male.

Our finish temperature was actually only 9.0 Oc, so goes to prove that bats are still about even if its getting cold.
At least two Tawny's were calling most of the evening.
A near midnight dash home through the countryside only produced 5 Rabbits and 2 Cats in the headlights.

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